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Safety Standards

GALP Periodic Replacement Service
At Galp Gás, safety is a fundamental value. That is why a customer advisory service was launched on the safety conditions of bottled gas installations.
The maintenance of the gas facilities supplied by bottles at the clients' premises is the sole responsibility of these. What has happened is that customers, in most situations, do not do it. This is reflected in the safety conditions in which they maintain their gas facilities, often with out-of-service equipment, such as rubber tubing connecting to appliances. In early July, Galp Gás launched the Periodic Replacement Service, an alert and advice service on the safety conditions of bottled gas installations.
Thus, whenever a consumer buys a gas bottle, whether it is delivered to the home or at one of the 22,000 points of sale scattered throughout the country, he will receive an information card that will remind him of the need to replace the rubber tubes with validity.
In the same card you will find the contact of your local dealer who can provide the service. After the installation is verified, the dealer will leave a bottle-shaped card hanging on the rubber tube, which will remind the customer of the need to replace the tube at the end of its validity.
This little alert contributes greatly to the safety of customers, which today, due to lack of information or concern may have at home, out of date valves. Rubber tubes when they are past their expiration date tend to dry out, cracking, which can lead to gas leakage and lead to accidents.
With this advice service, Galp Gás intends to increase the security at clients' homes and develop a closer relationship with them. In a market where competition is increasingly aggressive and the intrinsic characteristics of the products are very similar, this type of services is reflected in a great added value that differentiates our offer and contributes to a greater loyalty of the same.
This initiative has already been disclosed to the entire Galp Gas reseller network and is being implemented at the national level. The receptivity throughout the sales channel was very good and the unanimous opinion: "This was the service that was lacking, to provide a service with more and more quality to our customers."
Please refer to the GALP safety standards
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